(GloOmD002) Leopardtron - Planet Corp EP

by Leopardtron



GloOM Music is proud to present the second release from Leopardtron, a collaboration between South African producer Danny Jaap and Spanish producer Manuel González. Following up on Galactic Royalty, released on EPP Records in 2013, the duo returns with Planet Corp, showing off a more polished production style and a fresh forest-like touch. This release is meant to take the listener on a musical journey through the planetary corporation franchises run by multidimensional beings who control and manage the different aspects of planetary alignments and gravitational pull. With crystal clear production, hard driving riffs, funky percussive textures, creative and interesting vocals, and a hint of classic Goa trance vibes, these tunes are bound to hypnotize and enthuse.


released August 27, 2014

Mastering and artwork by Multiman




GloOm Music Spain

GloOm Music arises from a common idea of various Spanish friends and producers, regulars at the psychedelic floors, who sharing a common musical taste have decided to create a brand new music label based on the darkest sounds of the psytrance scene, focused on the modern subgenres of twilight, forest or groovy.
Nowadays GloOm Music is being managed by Awwen ( head and manager )
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